Get to Know Quash
What is Quash?

What is Quash ?

Quash is an SDK enabled bug reporting solution that helps users report bugs efficiently with just a simple shake, and track and resolve them through the Quash web dashboard. With Quash, teams ensure that their mobile apps are released in time with the highest quality standards, while optimizing the time and resources spent on the process.

On the bug reporting end, Quash SDK integrates quickly with your mobile app to provide the shake to report functionality. With every report being generated, it also auto-captures session recordings, crash logs, network logs, device information, and much more - at the precise occurrence of the bug or crash. This allows testers to be swift with their testing while ensuring that no information is being missed out.

Install the Quash SDK

Once the bug or crash report has been created, it can be accessed on the Quash web dashboard with all the captured information readily available. With all the required context present, Developers can get to the exact cause of the issue within minutes, without wasting any time in conversations with testers or on any other platforms. Additionally, Quash also provides an AI-powered suggested solution with every ticket, making the process of fixing a bug as fast as it can be.

Through available Integrations with most existing issue-tracking tools, teams also have the flexibility to export all their tickets directly to these platforms every time they are reported on Quash. This ensures that the team’s established processes remain as streamlined as ever, with the additional speed and ease of Quash.

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