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Product Features

Product Features

Welcome to Quash SDK, your ultimate tool for efficient bug reporting and resolution in mobile app development. Discover how Quash SDK can transform your workflow with its powerful features:

1. Easy Setup

Integrate the Quash SDK with your application in less than 5 minutes. Our quick onboarding process ensures your team can get started without any delays. For a detailed guide to get started, click here.

2. In-App Bug Reporting

Report bugs faster than ever with Quash SDK's intuitive in-app bug reporting feature. Simply shake your device to launch the reporting window, which comes prefilled with essential information, allowing you to log bugs in seconds.

3. Automated Crash Detection

Never miss a crash with Quash SDK's automated detection feature. Every time your app crashes, Quash SDK captures the event along with all necessary information, so you don’t have to reproduce it again.

4. Information Auto-Capture

Quash SDK automatically captures comprehensive data for every bug report:

  • Screenshot: Visual evidence of the issue.
  • Session Recording: A replay of the user session.
  • Crash Logs: Detailed logs of the crash event.
  • Steps to Reproduce: Contextual information to replicate the issue.
  • Device Information: Device-specific details.
  • API/Network Calls: Relevant network activity at the time of the bug.

This data is captured at the moment of the crash or when you shake the device to report a bug.

5. External Media Attachments

Enhance your bug reports by adding:

  • Audio Recordings
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Any Other Media Files

These attachments are reflected in the bug reports available on the dashboard.

6. AI-Assisted Resolution

Quash SDK leverages AI to suggest resolutions for every reported crash. These solutions are generated based on the context of the crash report, requiring no additional input from the user.

7. Bug Tracking and Collaboration

Manage all reported bugs and crashes through the Quash SDK web dashboard. Features include:

  • Viewing and tracking bugs.
  • Assigning priorities and resolution statuses.
  • Adding comments for contextual collaboration.

This ensures efficient tracking and resolution of issues.

8. Seamless Integrations

Quash SDK integrates with popular issue-tracking tools to keep your workflows streamlined. Current integrations include:

  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Google Sheets
  • Linear
  • GitHub

Export your tickets directly to these platforms for a seamless bug tracking and resolution process.

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