Our vision is to ensure that

You don’t need to compromise with Pace to deliver Quality.

THE PROBLEMModern mobile businesses are a victim of paceIn today's dynamic and fast-paced digital landscape, user expectations evolve rapidly. This requires swift feature development and improvements, within compact deadlines. While businesses aspire to meet these user expectations, they often find themselves hindered by outdated and inefficient processes.
To ensure that you not only meet - but exceed - your user’s expectationsWe’re coming up with
AI Powered Bug Resolution
AI Powered Bug ResolutionQuash suggests solutions, predicts bugs, and maintains clean code - letting developers focus on building.
Unit Test Case Generation
Unit Test Case GenerationQuash creates your test cases for you with zero effort, ensuring your users always get a delightful experience.
Test Operations
Test OperationsWith Quash, you can manage your debugging versions, testing environments, and deployment pipelines from one extensive control center.
Win the never ending battle of Quality vs SpeedAccelerate your Mobile Testing Workflow with Quash