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Mobile Testing should not be slow and tangled

We’re on a mission to make it smooth and simple

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Streamline your path to flawless app releases

Accelerated market delivery

Quash empowers your team to accelerate feature releases, bringing innovations to market swiftly. Our tool instills confidence for rapid and frequent updates.

AI powered Bug resolution

Our tools not only pinpoint issues but also propose optimal solutions, streamlining your development process and enhancing code reliability.

Prerelease Testing assurance

Ensure every release is up to your high standards. Testing becomes a seamless part of your workflow, guaranteeing consistent quality.

Detail-oriented success

We know that the little things make a big difference. Quash helps you perfect those small, crucial details that define the quality of your software.

Scalable Performance

As your mobile teams grow, Quash supports you with robust performance and stability tools that adapt to your team's expanding needs.

Developer-centric Design

Quash is crafted with developers in mind, enhancing the coding experience with intuitive tools that understand and adapt to your needs.

Quick setup and integration

Quick setup and integration

Instant AI resolution

Instant AI resolution

Zero impact on app speed

Zero impact on app speed

Agile, Mobile-First Development
Double your development agility with Quash's mobile-first approach.
Deliver low-risk, high-quality mobile apps faster, and boost team productivity for standout performance.
Capture the complete picture
with technical detailing in every report.
Quash syncs with your
workflow management tools
Leverage the power of Integrations to optimise
your dev cycles
Integrate Quash SDK in less than a minute
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Win the never ending battle of Quality vs SpeedAccelerate your Mobile Testing Workflow with Quash
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