Product Features

Welcome to Watson

Welcome to Watson, the next leap in AI-driven testing for mobile apps. Watson simplifies and automates the entire testing process, ensuring comprehensive and efficient testing across functionality, APIs, UI, and more. Let’s explore the powerful features of Watson and how it can transform your mobile app development process.

1. Test Everything, Automatically

Test Case Generation

Watson reads your Product Requirements Document (PRD) and generates extensive test cases automatically. Say goodbye to manual test case creation and let Watson handle it all.

Intelligent UI Testing

By importing your design files, Watson intelligently checks for UI bugs and design inconsistencies. Ensure your app’s user interface is flawless without lifting a finger.

Automated Test Execution

Watson runs all test cases automatically, reporting bugs, UI mismatches, and crashes with zero manual input. Focus on development while Watson takes care of testing.

2. AI-Powered Resolution

For every bug, crash, and UI issue found, Watson provides actionable solutions. This AI-driven assistance helps you fix problems quickly and efficiently, reducing time to market.

3. Three Simple Steps to Test Your App with AI

Step 1: Generate Extensive Test Cases Automatically

Upload your PRD, and let Watson generate test cases for all your workflows. It’s that easy.

Step 2: Link Your Design Files

Watson will smartly identify your UI flows and test for any inconsistencies, ensuring your app’s design is pixel-perfect.

Step 3: Let Watson Do the Rest

Watson will automatically run all the test cases on your app. For every bug, crash, and UI issue found, Watson provides a solution. Sit back and watch as Watson handles the heavy lifting.

4. Track All Your App Metrics in One Place

Keep an eye on everything from testing progress to production analytics. Watson’s dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your app’s health, ensuring you stay informed and in control.

Seamless Integration with Your Tech Stack

Watson integrates effortlessly with your existing tools and workflows. Enjoy a seamless development cycle with Watson as your AI-powered testing assistant.

Welcome to Watson, where AI-driven testing meets automation and efficiency. Embrace a new era of comprehensive, accurate, and effortless mobile app testing with Watson by Quash. For more details on how Watson can revolutionize your testing process, explore further on the Quash product page.

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